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The Modul-Rhus system has been designed to solve the daily needs of recycling between the different types of waste that are generated in any where there is an important transit of people and there is a need to pre-select the waste. The interior of the containers has a profile that allows the interior placement of a bag and the removal of the contents. All the elements are designed to create combinations with each other and to be personal mediating vinyls. Resistant, attractive, functional and economical.



Semicircular bin with large capacity ashtray. With expanded sheet body that allows you to see the content from any angle. Suitable for airports, railway stations and large areas where security prevails. With built-in ashtray on lid with stainless steel crusher. Extractable Colillero to facilitate the emptying and cleaning of the ashtray Cover with security lock. Available in stainless steel




The bag holders of the Clinic Series are designed to facilitate the collection, not only organic, plastic or paper, but also sheets, towels, professional uniforms or any textile used in medical clinics and hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes or schools. Thanks to the four legs of its design, they are easy to move, empty and place a new bag. In addition, you can add the complement of a pedal to lift the lid. They can be supplied individually or in pairs.