Manufacturers since 1955

SIGUERTA-CUBIS, designs and manufactures urban equipment and a waste pre-selection system, guiding the development of all our products towards functionality, quality and personalization. Our main objective is to satisfy the needs of our clients according to their needs, collaborating closely in the execution of their projects.

Urban litter bins

Green point

Three waste bin

Metal bins

Standing ashtray

Recycle bin

Tilting lid bin

Urban Cleaning Cart

Recycling bins

Bike racks

Green point

Stackable bag holder

Stainless bag holder

Green point

DEPLO Series

Custom bins

Wood benches

Soap dispenser

Recycling bin

Wooden bins

Product customization

We develop your custom product project, manufacturing according to your preferences for finishes, capacity and characteristics, contact our technical - commercial department to obtain a product to suit you.

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Custom vinyl

Custom projects