Cubis is the brand with which Siguerta, S.L. responds to urban planning projects, private companies and collectives, in integral solutions of street furniture and road cleaning equipment.

Its activity in the market since it was founded in 1955, has allowed it to research, improve and adapt its products to market requirements, in addition to expanding its catalog of solutions year after year.

And it is precisely this desire for innovation that has led Cubis to consolidate itself as a benchmark in the national and international street furniture market, making it unique, exclusive and tailored to each project, being able to offer the client multiple possibilities in the design and manufacture in-house of Cubis products.

Also, Siguerta, S.L. represents a way of working openly and enthusiastically, and this is possible thanks to the multidisciplinary team of professionals who are part of the company's mission, capable of materializing the idea of ​​an element or the combination of various shapes and colors, in unique designs of urban furniture, counting with more than 400 references of own manufacture in the market.